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APAC Webinar

The Privileged Pathway: Dissecting Recent Attacks in APAC and How to Prevent Them

Join Live: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 | 9am SGT / 11am AEST

brian chappell - bio pic.jpgFeaturing Senior Director, Enterprise & Solutions Architecture at BeyondTrust, Brian Chappell

According to a SWIFT study, over 40% of organisations in Asia Pacific reported suffering a cyberattack in 2017. Most of the attacks that plagued this region in recent years leveraged stolen or misused privileged credentials to move laterally across the network undetected, and steal sensitive data from financial institutions, healthcare providers, government organisations and many more.

With insights on how the attackers consistently operate, we can now enforce the right security controls and drastically reduce cyber-risk. But how?

Join Brian Chappell, Senior Director, Enterprise & Solutions Architecture at BeyondTrust, in this eye-opening live webinar, where he’ll demonstrate:

  • The anatomy of one of the most devastating recent cyberattacks in Asia Pacific
  • How cyber attackers exploit stolen privileged credentials, move laterally, and cover their tracks
  • How privileged access management (PAM) can help you prevent, detect, and even stop, in-progress cyberattacks before they inflict damage

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